HD 3

Powerful features, easy operation, and contemporary design using only high grade materials.

Meet the HD3.

The HD3 is our flagship holographic display, viewable from 3-sides – it lets you combine a physical product with exciting 3D holographic content. It's easy to install and operate, beautiful to look at and the best new way to harness the attention of your customers. With bright/sharp HD picture quality, a built in audio system, you'll love seeing your customers interact with your unique promotional tool.

The HD3 is equipped with a key protected backdoor, from where you have access to the media player and the display chamber inside.

  • Light Control Video can control internal light

  • Full HD Bright and sharp full HD picture quality

  • High end glass optic Strength and luxury finish combined

  • Stop and Wonder Generates “Stop and Wonder” effect

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Dimension: 680 x 440 x 540 mm (WxHxD)

Weight: 22 kg (approx.)

Resolution: 3 x HD LED Screens, 23" (1920:1080 on each side)


- Flightcase for safer and repeated transport
- Display stand
- Custom branding for display stand
- PLAY app
- iPad Mount


Content is the magic inside a holographic display and all you need is a standard animation software solution. You can use 3D animation, video or even still images and text. And it can also be interactive.

  • REAL & FICTION Mixing real product with holographic storytelling

  • FULL HD Bright and sharp full HD picture quality

  • VIRTUAL REALITY It makes your product a virtual reality

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